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This service is intended to be used only by professionals within the health industry only. The Pharmanufacturing database aims to
compile a comprehensive inventory of manufacturing lines for pharmaceuticals to help potential customers find the contract
manufacturing organisation (CMO) they are looking for.

By using the Pharmanufacturing solution, CMOs can promote their technological capabilities to specific/targeted customers already looking for such services.

After free registration and profile validation, users can take advantage of the database either with unlimited searches for buyers or with an unlimited display of manufacturing lines for CMOs.Want to know more before registering? See the types of search options available on the database tab before any registration.

All applications for registration are reviewed by a healthcare industry professional.


Following the request from several customers looking for CMOs for their specific projects, Kleos Pharma decided to develop a specialized solution that would be simple, free and efficient for all users and that would finance itself only through the following optional payable services:

  • Upper right rectangle banner to increase visibility to site visitors
  • “Premium Box” or “Top ad” for CMOs to appear at the top of the search results page
  • Search of CMOs by Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).

Kleos Pharma is specialized in turnkey out-licensing projects as well as API supply and promotion. Find out more about us at www.kleos-pharma.com

  Contract Manufacturers (CMOs) Customers Advertisers Agents
Free, targeted promotion and direct contact with “Ready-to-Buy” potential customers. Free access to an updated database to find the perfect CMO for your project. Targeted advertising to decision-makers within the pharmaceutical industry. 10% commission on payable service sales to referenced principals during first 24 months of registration.
Registration cost Free Free Free Free
Registration time < 7min < 5min < 5min < 5min
Easy profile management
Manufacturing sites, manufacturing lines, specific GMP certifications, special APIs Unlimited - - -
Free, direct contact with CMOs - Unlimited - -
Automatic quote request to all CMOs appearing in search results - Unlimited - -
Pay-outs upon attaining 100 EUR commission - - -
Optional Payable Services
Bidding system facilitating controlled, budgeted banner advertising -
Bidding system facilitating controlled, budgeted Premium search results ranking - - -
Search database by API - - -
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